How You Can Use PrepTober to Maximize NaNoWriMo

Greetings Lovelies! It’s October and you know what that means! NaNoWriMo is just around the corner and it’s time for Preptober!

In this video, I do what I can to help you maximize your Pretober by finding out some of the crucial things you will likely be using for NaNoWriMo!

Ten Tip on How to Plan Ahead

As you can see, I outlined ten things I do to help get things ready for NaNo. Doing these things during Preptober can help alleviate stress because you already know and have what you need, leaving you the ability to just sit and write!

  1. Find an organizational tool > This can be Trello, a notebook, a word doc, whatever. Just organize your note ahead of time so you aren’t frantically searching things out! Nothing is more stressing than to break the flow by having to do research you lost on a sticky note or forgot to do during Preptober. Having a word tracker is also a powerful tool during this time. WriteTrack or Pacemaker Novel are good ones to look into!
  2. Have a Self-Care System > NaNo creates burn-out. Let’s face it. Why else do authors begin and never finish? That’s right. Burn-out. Take a day where you do nothing but care for yourself. These are usually Sundays for me because my hubby is off and the kids are out of school.
  3. Treat Yo’Self > Along with a self-care system, have a reward system in play! On your off day (if you stayed on track), do something – anything! – other than writing. Watch a movie, go for a walk, read, sleep, whatever! Take care of yourself and give that brain a break!
  4. Have a Writing Candle / Incense > This is an optional one, but it’s one I find really helps train my body and mind to settle into writing. The olfactory system is a memory system and it will become familiar with a routine if it smells a certain smell. I found this works incredibly well when meditating and incorporating it into my writing routine has made a heck of a difference. PS: I typically choose a fall candle (like pumpkin or apple) for NaNo. ❤ Use Preptober to test and find your special candle or incense.
  5. Make a Dedicated Writing Time & Stick to it > JK Rowling once said to make your writing time sacred. This is VERY important during NaNo. It takes a large amount of dedication and setting aside that special hour or so, really makes a difference in finishing or quitting. Use Preptober to tell your family your time and work out it with them.
  6. Find and Accountability Buddy / Critique Partner / Group > Use Preptober to build a network of people who are going through the same thing you are. Challenge each other to finish your wordcount for the day and check in with one another. After NaNo ends, ask if they will critique your work! You can do this via Facebook, Twitter, email or NaNo’s website.
  7. Stock Up on NaNo special snacks / tea / coffee > Use Preptober to find some snacks only for NaNoWriMo. Stash them if you have to. Don’t open a single package until November 1st or the day you start writing! Same with drinks. I am not beyond putting a coffee pot in my room. Really, I’m not. Whatever you like (hopefully healthy) to snack on, stock up. That way you have it and are ready to keep your brain fueled while you’re writing.
  8. Build Your Playlist / White noise > White noise or shamanic drumming are amazing playlists to have going on while writing. Use Preptober to find a background noise comfortable for you. If you’re like me, you love making playlists for your novel. Make those during Preptober so you don’t have to stop and start surfing Youtube during your writing flow. There are some authors who like to work in the dead quiet. That’s more than fine! I am so not one of those. Lol!
  9. Schedule Procrastination > It’s inevitable, guys. It really is. Let yourself schedule procrastination. This is a lot of demand you’re putting on your brain. Just let it happen and catch up as soon as possible. Preptober is the perfect time to schedule these days out.
  10. Cheer yourself on! This is a big deal! > NaNoWriMo has many authors who start and more who drop off before the end. All through Preptober, prepare yourself and cheer yourself on. Brag to your friends, create memes so you can have them ready to post. I do this in Preptober so I don’t have to Google them in November.
As promised, a sneak peek at my Preptober 2020 Trello Board.
FaeTober (c) TwistedFae (I do the drawing contest too)

Finished, Not Perfect

NaNo is not the time to have that inner editor chewing you apart. Shut that b*tch up and get finished! Even if you don’t publish it (and no, you don’t have to), be happy you finished something.

I don’t fiddle or edit or change when I’m going through that first draft.

Nora Roberts

Don’t worry about editing during NaNo. They have months for that via the website. Get it done, let it rest and celebrate yourself with a “Hooray! It’s over! I did it!”

Tell Yourself, It’s Okay to Fail

NaNoWriMo is hard! So, don’t get down on yourself if you fail or don’t finish. There are many who can’t or don’t. Even if you only got the first 10K, you have something to work with and something you can build off of. No one is going to judge you. Do what you did to your inner editor to your inner judge. Shut that b*tch up!

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FyreSyde Publishing owner and founder Blaise Ramsay started out her creative career in the conceptual art and design industry. For fifteen years she spent her time crafting characters and world for others. Recently she shifted her attention to the world of literature where she writes mostly paranormal romance. Her debut title, Blessing of Luna is the first of four books in the Wolfgods series. A portion of the proceeds of her book sales go to help charities. When Blaise isn't busy working with sexy wolf boys, she can be found reviewing books for fellow authors, working for a few tour companies, holding interviews and offering guest posts. A professional book blogger, mom, wife and full blood Texan, Blaise loves nothing more than helping others, meeting new people and coaching folks in Scrivener. If you would like to get in touch with Blaise, the best way to contact her would be via email at She loves to hear from people and get questions from her readers.

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