Are You Missing This Vital Key to a Strong Story?

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Nothing is worse than dealing with multiple rejections. It stings, it’s disheartening and it can often lead to a rash decision to self-publish.

What many authors don’t realize is you can’t just run headlong into self or indie publishing. It’s competitive, it’s draining and often times you only get 10% of the reviewers to review after months of contacting them. Many authors think a way around this is to resort to bashing people over the head to buy their books.

Maybe it’s time to take a step back and really look at the reasons why an editor is rejecting your work. Because it doesn’t matter if you self-publish if your structure and plot are not page-turning.

In the video, I introduced you to two powerful tools I use when approaching a novel:

  • The Pixar Story Spine
  • Dan Harmon’s Story Circle

I will do more with Dan Harmon’s Story Circle in the next structure video.

The Pixar Story Spine

This is probably the one thing that revolutionized structure for me. It is so simple, yet powerful enough you can break down any story into it. It is the first step I take when writing a new novel and one I will not move from until I have it right.

Kenn Adams goes deeper into this tool by cutting apart The Incredibles and Wizard of Oz, however, you can cut down popular book titles, boiling them down into this simple structure. Let me show you how easy it is by taking apart a well-known YA dystopian novel.

Once upon a time… there was a teenager named Katniss Everdeen who lived in a world under the control of a ruthless government.

Every day…. she was forced to sneak out of District 12 to find food for her family.

But one day… her sister Prim was chosen to take place in the Hunger Games, a ruthless contest that could result in Prim getting killed.

Because of that… Katniss volunteered to take place in the Hunger Games in her sister’s place.

Because of that… she was whisked to Central City to be prepared for the Games and blew away the competition with her archery skills and firey display in the introduction of the sacrifices.

Because of that… Katniss was pitted against her fellow Tributes in a dynamic fight to the death, suffering betrayal, poisoning and other various hardships, including facing her love for Peeta.

Until finally… Peeta and Katniss decided to commit suicide thus forcing them both to be declared winners.

And ever since then… Katniss decides she’s had enough of the carnage and chooses to go up against President Snow.

See how easy that was? That is the entire structure and plot of the popular series, The Hunger Games.

Next week I will break down Dan Harmon’s Story Circle and how I use it as a rapid release author.

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FyreSyde Publishing owner and founder Blaise Ramsay started out her creative career in the conceptual art and design industry. For fifteen years she spent her time crafting characters and world for others. Recently she shifted her attention to the world of literature where she writes mostly paranormal romance. Her debut title, Blessing of Luna is the first of four books in the Wolfgods series. A portion of the proceeds of her book sales go to help charities. When Blaise isn't busy working with sexy wolf boys, she can be found reviewing books for fellow authors, working for a few tour companies, holding interviews and offering guest posts. A professional book blogger, mom, wife and full blood Texan, Blaise loves nothing more than helping others, meeting new people and coaching folks in Scrivener. If you would like to get in touch with Blaise, the best way to contact her would be via email at She loves to hear from people and get questions from her readers.

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