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“Bloodlaw uses amazing imagery to combine vampires and detective work into an unpredictable  story filled with desire, mystery, and a search for justice that leaves the reader eager for the author’s next book in  the series.” — Sublime Review

Blaise Ramsay breathes new life into the vampire romance genre with this clever, atmospheric paranormal crime thriller set in 1920s Chicago.” — BestThrillers

“A good introduction to, what could be, a dynamite series.” — S. Vaughn, Goodreads Review

“Bloodlaw is a pedal-to-the-metal, exquisitely written romp through the mean streets of Chicago’s prohibition days. Ramsay shows a propensity for snappy dialogue, perverse scenarios, a little satire, and oddball characters that will keep you hooked. You meet reporters, hookers, hoods, cops, and the dead. It ends with a door opening into a new mystery that our vampire detective and his living associates will probably be solving in Ramsay’s next novel.” — AuthorsReading.com

“Ramsay skillfully deploys the noir classics—a hero haunted by his past, dangerous dames, and dirty backroom dealings—alongside amped-up action, atmospheric evocations of 1920s Chicago in wintertime, and the paranormal.” — Booklife